What a small step!


This is the beginning of a journey: a journey that is built on consistency, good effort, continuous learning, a bit of risk, luck, and some laziness.  

Welcome to Mr. DynoMO! My name is Mo, come join me on this journey to smart riches and happiness. We will take things step-by-step here, as one of the principles I constantly remind myself of is consistency. Consistency is easily one of the most important qualities; and I think we all somewhat strive for it.  

Mr. DynoMO 437826008_59eedd6121_k What a small step!

The powerful effects of consistency are often downplayed in our society. In the U.S., a lot of behavior and results that are rewarded seem to be huge breakthroughs. Let’s face it, we are not going to magically have breakthroughs in our life. We have to start somewhere and keep trying and trying until we arrive at a place where we feel satisfied and accomplished.


Give yourself 1 minute today to think of something that you would like to be more consistent about. Once you find that special something, feel free to break it down to the smallest possible step. Then commit to yourself that you will do that small step every day.

My experience: Something that I want to be more consistent about is sleeping earlier. Eventually, I know I want to sleep a total of 7 1/2 hours per night (currently 6 1/2 hours), but that won’t happen overnight (pun intended). In taking this approach of smaller steps and consistency, I will commit to sleeping 1 minute earlier each week, so instead of sleeping at 12 midnight this week, I will sleep at 11:59pm. 

I wish you luck and good effort on dedicating yourself to this small, yet consistent step.

Random Bits

As you probably know, there are talks of impeaching the U.S. president. I think it’s important to not get stuck in the thinking of us vs them (democrat vs republican). The country is already divided as it is. Would our future be better if we commit to treating each other nicely and fairly?


  1. This looks interesting. I like your take on things. I’ll keep an eye out for more content since I’m trying to be more financially responsible.

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