Slack-ing: Why I ditched WORK because it didn’t work

What can I say about Slack? I have used their platform and I didn’t feel that I could live without it. Great products make you feel that you can’t live without them; Slack not so much.

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Main Course

Recently, I experienced an 8 percent loss on the stock, this was after averaging down a few times. I pulled the plug on Slack and sold on 1/23. The very next day it experienced an almost 3% decline. If I had held on, I would be down almost 14% and as I write this it still is on the decline.

I pulled the plug on Slack for a few reasons.

  1. I recently re-realized that Microsoft is a competitor of Slack. Microsoft has released their “version” of Slack called Teams. It allows for collaboration, planning, mentioning, just like what is possible in Slack. Why would organizations ditch their Office Apps platform for a similar product with a higher cost?
  2. As far as I know, Teams is included in an organization’s Office app stack (as in free). Even though Slack has a high customer retention rate, they still will experience notable decrease in growth due to Microsoft entering the market. Slack needs to beef up its revenue which hasn’t even cracked the 1B level. Very scary.
  3. Microsoft is a big competitor and will likely affect profits and attainment of new customers. This will be felt particularly in the next 2 years as organizations using Slack begin to sign order new contracts for Microsoft Teams.
  4. They don’t make profit and in order to start making profit, they will likely need a significant increase in revenue (or more time–and I’m not sure investors are willing to wait).

But there is a potential upside, perhaps investors can regain confidence in the stock. The stock might have an upside as much as 25%, but the risk of downside is greater. A single badly perceived earnings period can crumble most of the stock’s value.

Slack will have to do much more to impress investors (like me) especially with Microsoft lurking around the corner, waiting to flex its muscles.


My condolences to Kobe Bryant, his family, and the rest of the victims in the tragic event. Kobe was definitely an inspiration in my life when I was younger. He’s quite unique in that everyone knew they loved him, yet he was able to play the villain very well; kind of like something that’s sweet and sour. You can’t help but love him. It’s that special bond and energy that he put out into the world that I believe made him special.

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