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We Will Be Fine

Repeat after me, “Things will be fine. The world is not ending.”

These days it sometimes doesn’t feel like things will be alright, but I guarantee you things will be fine. The coronavirus will affect many more people, perhaps you and I as well, and many more people will suffer and perish. But, we as humans will overcome this calamity; that is what we do. And we can choose how we come out of this calamity: better people or worse.

Let’s get to the stock market, it has been a wild ride. Many people (including me) lost a significant portion of their net worth in the last few months. Now, I know why investors suggest you need to have a strong stomach if you invest in individual stocks.

Mr. DynoMO image-1 We Will Be Fine
The Dow Jones has fallen about 35% from its highs

The significant decline is indeed a negative, but we can also see it as a positive. This might be another chance to increase our net worth. There are plenty of great stocks at great prices currently. And, I believe we will get even better prices.

You probably know the saying “there is light at the end of the tunnel”. Well, there usually is light at the end of the tunnel. The only issue with that perspective is that we assume that with time things will magically improve. Let me tell you, if you are looking for a miracle or some magical person who will come and help you, it likely won’t happen. Even the best of people cannot do the work for you. Taking that perspective gives control of your life to outside forces, but you already know YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR LIFE. So, let’s take control and light up the entire tunnel.

The bottom line is that we need to remain true to ourselves and continue striving during this challenging time. The mentally strong will survive, this has always been the case. Now, I know that you are STRONG and you are already AMAZING. Let us improve ourselves and our situation while considering the EFFECT of our actions on others.

Will you commit to your better self?

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