Michael Burry: A Bold COVID-19 Genius?


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Who is Michael Burry?

Who is Michael Burry? And why is he important?

Michael Burry is frequently referred to as “The Big Short”.

Why is that? He shorted the mortgage market, he accurately predicted that the value of subprime mortgages would decline. And through his prediction, he made a fortune.

But that’s not the reason I bring him up today.

His views and proposals for action regarding COVID-19 are different from what we’ve heard in the media.


He brings up a good point. Not everyone has been tested. It has been found that many people who are being tested are the ones who show symptoms. Many health officials have recommended that tests only be performed if you are in dire need and “have to be saved for those who need it”. Logically, this means that the majority of people who are being tested are likely to test positive for COVID-19. This inflates the rate of infected and is biased.

Tweet from Michael Burry’s Twitter account

In this tweet, Michael Burry mentions that if testing were widespread, the fatality rates would be less. This goes back to what I said above, the rates are biased.

I wonder why the infection rates are so high…

Forcing a new way of life?

With this sudden outbreak of the virus, our way of life has changed. Primarily, in the US, many cities and states have implemented a form of lock-down or shelter-in-place. Whenever people are suddenly and forcefully made to do something, tension gets a bit high. Many families were forced to be inside with each other for 24/7. And that is a recipe for disaster. Men and women who are in abusive relationships no longer have work or other settings to escape to. Now with the shelter-in-place mandates, abusive partners have full 24/7 access to their partners.

Not to mention that, spending too much time with someone (anyone) is not healthy and can lead to arguing…remember the last time your best friend came over for the entire month? (Not so fun is it)

Michael’s Proposal

Michael Burry seems to be a sensible person, well-credentialed, and so on. So, his ideas are expected to be well-informed and thoughtful to many factors/parties.

His first point is to test out potential treatments, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. Now, I haven’t heard about widespread success about the two treatments, but they might be able to help some. Even though these treatments may help some people, that doesn’t mean they can help all. As far as treatment goes, it seems early to tell which treatment is very effective. And even if we know which treatment is very effective, we have to test it thoroughly and consider vulnerable populations (children, elderly, immuno-compromised, pregnant women).

His second point makes sense, it’s essentially recommending that immuno-compromised individuals stay distant from other sources of infection (AKA people who do not show symptoms).

His third point can only be implemented if the second point is implemented successfully. Americans can lead their normal lives. However, I add that if this were to be implemented (and will have to since we need to return to our normal way of life), not only would we need to wash our hands more, we would need to wear masks and gloves outside.

Michael Burry’s point, as I understood it, is that the lockdown has worse effects on the economy than actual COVID-19. Therefore, due to the poor management by the clown-in-chief, economy effects have been worsened.

Mr. DynoMO pexels-photo-128756-1024x683 Michael Burry: A Bold COVID-19 Genius?
Our clown-in-chief
(Photo by crisdip on


Did you see the people protesting against lockdown?

There was also a paper mill explosion in Maine? Talk about a rough week.

NASA had to resort to an old style of 3D glasses while on a space adventure.

Many celebrities joined the All In (#Allinchallenge) where they offer unique experiences to people willing to bid on them.

And as always remember we will be fine.

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