Corona Weather: 6 Weeks Fighting and Now Chasing the Cure


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The Past

I still remember back to about six weeks ago. It felt like there was this gray cloud hanging over the sky, wherever I went. And many people could relate. That gray cloud was Corona Weather.

Mr. DynoMO pexels-photo-772988-1024x567 Corona Weather: 6 Weeks Fighting and Now Chasing the Cure
The gray cloud that was hanging over our it Corona Weather?
(Photo by Rachel Xiao)

At that time, people in the U.S. were not taking corona seriously. Actually, many of us joked it off as something that will not have a major impact on the society. It might have been that American “unbeatable” mindset, resiliency, or perhaps nerves when coping with what was going on. Whatever it was, that time definitely felt different and gloomier.

In addition, people were more hostile than ever before: pushing each other, fighting over necessities, and being outright terrible human beings. It seemed like people forgot how to be decent human beings.

Mr. DynoMO giphy Corona Weather: 6 Weeks Fighting and Now Chasing the Cure
This is what happens when people hoard, it’s that Corona Weather

The Current

I don’t know about you, but now I notice a difference in society and people’s mood.

I no longer feel a gray cloud hanging over the sky. And it seems that many people do not as well.

People are no longer making jokes about (the seriousness of) Corona. And it has made a major impact on our society, on every front you can imagine. Our way of life has certainly changed. Some people no longer have that “unbeatable” mindset and some others had their self-esteem demolished. There are people who gave into the situation and gave up (lost who they were) and there are others who resisted and came out stronger.

Regardless of who became stronger or who gave in, it seems that people are a bit more hopeful compared to a few weeks ago. There have been many initiatives that contributed to this hope: potential vaccines, potential treatments, and the lock-down possibly being lifted.

Mr. DynoMO path-4474999_960_7202 Corona Weather: 6 Weeks Fighting and Now Chasing the Cure

Some companies who are chasing the cure such as Moderna, have apparently found a potential vaccine for Coronavirus. Others have suggested hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment for the virus. And, political officials in the U.S. have announced a potentially near lift of the lock-down.

Hopefully this means the end of the Corona Weather.

The Future

I don’t know what the future holds. We could remain in this lock-down forever, but I have hope and optimism.

I would like for handwashing to remain the norm. This is one benefit of the virus, more people have been washing their hands.

Mr. DynoMO giphy Corona Weather: 6 Weeks Fighting and Now Chasing the Cure
Let’s keep washing our hands

It seems like there will be a cure for the virus, whether in the form of a pill, a vaccine, or another form of administration. How long do we have until we see a vaccine in widespread use? I would guess that the earliest a vaccine is in widespread use and open to the public is in late-August.

Do you think everyone be required to receive a vaccine or treatment when it is released?

Researchers are saying that social distancing will remain in effect for at least another year or so, or until a cure is found and implemented. Although I am not a fan of social distancing, I would not mind having to do so if it meant having the chance to go outside (like in normal times).

People will go back to shaking hands. Let’s face it, you probably still shake hands with your friends or family members. Little by little, people will go back to shaking hands because it is a human thing to do.

There will be tighter regulations almost everywhere:

  • Healthcare settings
  • Travel
  • Shopping

In hospitals, people who are potentially sick will be viewed as more of a risk than ever before. If you cough, you might get a test of some sort. Perhaps, everyone will be screened for fever and flu-like symptoms when entering a hospital. Further out, this can be easily implemented via walk-through scanners (like in the airport) that check your vitals, health condition, and so on.

In places of travel, once again, people who show symptoms will be tested. If you are coughing profusely before entering your flight, perhaps you might be tested. Now all of this individual testing can be solved using the scanners I mentioned above. These will be pivotal to stopping the spread of pathogens in the future.

When shopping, perhaps people will need to take stricter precautions: maintaining social distancing, using gloves, disinfecting, and abiding to specific hours for shopping.

One piece of technology that is heavily being pushed onto people is the use of a digital health records. This technology would contain all of your health records in a central place. This can be done using a chip under your skin. Some researchers suggest using your fingerprints. And others, such as in China, may be able to do so using your face. This is all being pushed out via ID 2020.

Mr. DynoMO fingerprint Corona Weather: 6 Weeks Fighting and Now Chasing the Cure
Use me to access your health records

Final Thoughts

We have come a long way, it has been a long and difficult few weeks. We seem to crave our old way of life, but many factors are trying to implement “a new normal”. It is certain that these next few months will be critical in our future. We decide how we want to live.

How do you want your future to be?


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