Terrible Trump Is Manipulating Us 100%


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You probably heard: Trump has COVID. Some say that he is in severe condition. Some say that he is doing well (mild symptoms).

Many questions come to mind. Does he really have COVID? How severe is it if he has it? And we should always be thinking: what can be behind this?

I don’t think that it is important to find out whether he really has it or not. The important questions: is what can be behind this?

Well, we know with certainty that Trump is a master manipulator. He is able to sway crowds with his “magical” words. He has been so successful that anything he does (not matter how unethical or inhumane) is framed by his followers as a “good thing”, something that their savior would do. Note: a significant portion of Trump supporters believe his is the Messiah (second coming of Jesus) or at the very least a prophet.

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You’re playing right into his (small) hands.
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We also know that he lost the first debate with Joe Biden (polling numbers were in Biden’s favor).

And we only have about 1 month until the U.S. Election.

What would Trump do? He would do anything to convince the people that he is human and try to manipulate them into voting for him. So, he came up with a plan…

Trump’s Plan

Trump has been in the spotlight almost all of his adult life. To say that he is not charismatic or great at influencing people would be vastly wrong. He is charismatic and he is great at influencing people.

He knows very well that influencing people is much easier and more effective with the use of emotion. So, how can Trump influence people with emotion? He tried to scare the American people by saying that Democrat cities are violent and that voting for Biden (a democrat) would cause more violence and looting. And thugs will kill your children and your dog. That worked, but it didn’t propel him into the driver seat, he is still behind in polls.

So if not fear, what else? Love? Could Trump actually make more people love him? Perhaps, in a way…He wanted people to feel bad for him. SYMPATHY. If he could somehow “experience” great suffering that the American people might relate to and miraculously recover from that suffering, he would seem like a hero: a true American comeback story.

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This is You. Don’t fall for his tricks.
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Whether the suffering (COVID) is real or not makes no difference. The American people just have to see him as a vulnerable human being.

And so his “suffering” continues. Already democrats have been interviewed saying that they feel bad for him because he is suffering from COVID…blah blah blah…He is a dictator who has no regard for blacks, hispanic, muslims, or any other minority group (which includes non-elite whites). WHY WOULD WE FORGIVE THIS TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING CALLED DONALD TRUMP?

Let me ask you: Say you have a 4-year old daughter, Hailey. And one day she is playing outside on the freshly cut lawn, you look away for a minute, and she goes missing. Time passes by and you can barely sleep, hoping to find out where she is and what happened. Then one day, you are driving around the neighborhood and you see your daughter Hailey being assaulted by a psychopath. Do you run over and STOP HIM? Or do you run over and say it’s all right, keep assaulting my daughter Hailey?

All of us would run over and stop him. That psychopath who is assaulting your daughter is DONALD TRUMP!


Trump “The President” is manipulating the American people. We are all being ignorant to his magical manipulative ways. LET’S WAKE UP!!! HE’S A FRAUD, A MURDER, A LIAR, AND A PSYCHOPATH.

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