Let’s Rebrand: 1st Post 2021

Mr. DynoMO pexels-photo-103123 Let's Rebrand: 1st Post 2021
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I haven’t posted anything for a while due to many reasons. And during the break (which didn’t really feel like one) I was itching and thinking about writing something every week. One benefit of the break was that I had an influx of ideas coming to mind about many different topics that I am passionate about.


I have decided to rebrand and rearrange the format of the blog. The new format of the blog will be mainly a journal/diary. I will be expressing my opinions and thoughts to myself and if someone happens to have an opinion about them then great. I chose this format because I want to speak freely about the truth, as I see it, without having to conform to anything that detracts from the it. This comes from my disgust with the amount of misinformation, immorality, and blind following in modern society.

The name will most likely stay the same: Mr. DynoMO. Finance will still be a key topic since I firmly believe that financial literacy is really important since it gives the middle and lower class a chance to take back the societal power that was taken from them by some of the wealthy elite. The main difference will be that the focus will include discussion of societal issues, to a greater extent.

And the new motto will be: “Financial and social freedom”


A re-brand and re-format is happening and it will mainly include more focus on societal issues.

Thanks for reading.

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