1. MarketWatch: One of the most helpful resources.
    • Real-time prices
    • Financials: Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Income
    • Good range of article topics, sometimes can be panicky end of world type
  2. FinViz: Stock insights
    • Fundamentals of stocks (P/E, EPS, quick ratio)
    • Simple Moving Averages (20, 50, 200)
    • Insider transactions
  3. M1 Finance: Trading
    • This is the current trading platform I use
    • Stock trading (fractional)
    • Credit card services
  4. E-Toro: Trading
    • Crypto trading
    • Stock trading (fractional and whole)
    • Social media community
  5. Carousel Checks: Personal and business checks
  6. FarmTogether: Investing in Real Estate
    • Farming real estate fund

I will keep adding more as I go on…

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